About Me

Hi I am Varij. I am currently employed as Software Developer at IT Manufactory GmbH in a beautiful city of Passau, Germany.

I like programming and building new stuff and trying out new technologies. When I am not programming, I like to cycle and play Badminton, Cricket etc.

Recently I have started this new blog where I am planning to write about things I care about, and solutions to some common problems. This is not a typical Blog for tutorials or solutions to other problems, I write here about problems that I face, things that I have tried, or things that I want to remember.

A little more about me and a very basic resume:


Here is a small info of my technical competence and knowledge.

I do not believe that one can show her/his competence/knowledge in a certain area in percentage, here is legend of the data you will see below  

Legend:   Things in bold are the ones that I use almost daily or the most comfortable with   Things in italics are the ones that I like using in my free time   All others are things that I know or have used but need some time getting used to again

Programming Languages

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Objective-C


  • React
  • JavaEE/JakartaEE
  • JAX-RS
  • Angular
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Cocoa


  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle


IT Manufactory GmbH, Nov. 2017 – present, Passau, Germany

Software Developer, Involved and responsible for development and improvement of Digital Automotive.

Key points

  • Implemented OAuth and OpenID Connect for Digital Automotive
  • Responsible for development of task and todo management module for Digital Automotive, “Task Manager” in a team of 4.
  • Developed Reporting modules for Strategy, Acquisition, Business and Claim Management for Digital Automotive.
  • Co-ordinated database migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL.
  • Co-ordinated JavaEE server migration from Glassfish to Payara.
  • Built Continuous Integration, Delivery and Development workflows with Gitlab.

NetSet Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Aug. 2014 – Jul. 2015, Mohali, India.

iOS Application Developer, Involved and responsible for development of various iOS application for variety of customers.

Key points

  • Developed 2 corporate applications for in-house deployment.
  • Developed 2 social media application.
  • Developed 1 dating application.

Due to the nature of the company, I am not at the liberty to publish the names of those applications.

RF Silicon Pvt Ltd, Dec. 2013 – May. 2014, New Delhi/Noida, India.

Intern, Involved in development and testing of a Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) stacks and Application Development.

Key points

  • Developed BLE Stack for Health Thermometer and Proximity Sensor.
  • Developed an iOS Application for the above stacks
  • Developed an Android Application for the above stacks


Msc. Informatik, University of Passau, Sep. 2015 – Oct. 2017, Passau, Germany.

  • Master Thesis: Towards an Assembly Line for the Construction of Complex Machine Learning Algorithms

B.Tech Computer Science, IET Bhaddal (Punjab Technical University), Aug. 2010 – May. 2014, Ropar, India.

  • Bachelor Internship at RF Silicon Pvt Ltd